Miritini Ltd



We believe that it is our responsibility to conduct our business practices as responsible stewards of the environment. We endeavour to establish guidelines to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and help protect the Environment.

We minimise usage of fossil fuels and improve the output efficiency of all our operations and of the goods we produce. We educate our staff about energy conservation and its effect on the environment, their health and safety and the community at large. Miritini maintains close ties with the local community and contributes to society by assisting in environmental conservation efforts.

No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and as much as possible we use recycled materials for packaging and palletisation.

Miritini is also fully compliant with NEMA (National Environmental Management Agency) established guidelines.

We use waste products such as sawdust, wood chips and condemned contaminated goods such as water soaked grains as fuel for the kilns thereby providing a two fold service:
- Using industrial waste and contaminated foodstuff for fuel and not petroleum products or biomass saves scarce natural resources and
- provides an avenue for complete destruction of the contaminated foods as Kenya does not yet have technologically advanced disposal facilties and incineration is the only way to prevent the highly contaminated foods from re-entering the food chain.

We provide this essential service free of charge as our way of giving back to the community.

We have rehabilitated the exhausted quarry land by planting casuarina trees.