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Concrete roof tiles are manufactured from cement, sand and pigment mixed together and pressed onto molds with a hydraulic press. Concrete tiles are an economical alternative to clay tiles, rust proof, fire resistant and durable under the African sun. Concrete tiles can be used in areas prone to high winds which would strip other roofing tiles off roofs.

Physical characteristics of Concrete roof tiles:
Impermeable (made possible by compression of the concrete mix)

Mechanical resistance to loads
Resistance to physical and chemical aggression. The tiles are resistant to aggressive atmospheric substances (eg: smog, salinity, industrial atmospheric pollutants, etc.)
Dimensional stability. The system of pressure forming with pallets and the cold production process guarantees the tiles exactly repeatable dimensions and shapes even down to the more minuscule details, along with dimensional stability. This permits the tiles to be designed so that interlocking is achieved with maximum precision and without requiring large tolerances.

The support required by concrete tiles is a small framing (parallel to the gutter line) of wooden battens placed at various distances from 31 to 35 cm according to steepness of pitch and type of tile. When the roof slope is not steep and the tiles do not require nailing to the support battens, the battens can be made in reinforced concrete (in order to reduce weight)

Technical Note: Due to natural variations in the raw materials and the occasional occurrence of efflorescence on concrete products, absolute colour uniformity cannot be guaranteed

 Concrete Roof