Miritini Ltd

Natural Stone

Natural Stone, also known as Galana, Maji-ya-Chumvi or Mazeras slate is mined from seasonal riverbeds in the form of slabs. The stone is used both externally and internally as it is dense, hardwearing and has structural properties similar to that of sandstone. The thickness has a tolerance of plus (+) or minus (-) 2mm. The tiles are sawn out of natural stone.

An aspect of natural sandstone is that no two pieces are alike. Each individual tile retains its uniqueness, the stone has a wide range of colours from deep to light, some are smooth while others deeply veined. Galana is a versatile stone which is put into many uses, external and internal. The stone has been utilised as facing (cladding) on buildings either bonded directly to the face of the building or suspended on unirail structures depending on the height of the cladding required like The United States Embassy building in Kampala, Uganda

Galana stone gives a classic African stone finish and therefore has been used extensively in most hotels and lodges throughout Kenya as well as in residential houses.

We also export stone to the East African Community, Sudan, Belgium, United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The colour of the tiles vary depending on the layer from which it is mined. However the general shade of the tile ranges between brown, yellow, green and grey.


The procedure for laying the tiles is to leave the base level 30-40mm below finished floor level. The tile is laid on a screed with finished level being set on the upper surface of the tile while mortar or tile adhesive takes up the remaining space between screed and tile, thereby taking up any variation in tile thickness. The tiles should be soaked in water prior to laying for better bonding. Good curing is necessary for the tiles and mortar/tile adhesive to bond firmly.

We recommend 4-5mm spacing joints for laying the tile. A good quality sealant should be applied on the finished surface and if required, polish can then be applied. The tiles are easy to maintain and very hard wearing.