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Stone Care & Maintenance


Sandstone is mostly maintenance free under normal conditions but it is prone to scratches. However with a bit of thought it is possible to minimize its effect. In sections of heavy traffic like a door entrance, a mat can be used. Always avoid dragging heavy objects or furniture on the stone surface.


Dirt and carbon deposits from car exhausts etc will gradually settle and build up on the stone surface and cause the stone to look discoloured and dull. Algae growth is also a problem and causes black spots.

Inside floors and walls:

Regularly sweep using a soft broom to remove dust and grit which could cause scratches and mop with a small amount of detergent and water.

Outside: Larger areas can be hosed down with clean water.

Kitchen counter tops/Tables: Clean with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent.
Do not use acid as a cleanser. Pool chlorine or household bleach can be used sparingly to remove algae and lichen but must not be left on the surface for long.

Stain Removal

Grease/Oil stains: Wet the stained area, apply ordinary detergent, wait a few mins and then scrub, rinse with clean water.

Paint: Use a paint stripper. Sandpaper can be used as a last resort.

Algae/Soil/Dull surface: Diluted chlorine to scrub, then rinse with clean water.
Cement: Use diluted hydrochloric acid to clean. Do not leave the acid on for long.